The past week has been a bit hectic. I’ve managed to keep working on my 100 day project, but I haven’t gotten much creative time other than that. Some weeks are like that.

As crazy as it sounds, I’ve spent the past week working on the drawing of the girl that I posted previously. I’ve worked from general shape down to smaller details.

More detail on the drawing

She isn’t finished yet, but she’s close. Hair, clothes, tweaking the details. Because faces and figures are a challenge for me, I don’t want to have to wing it any more than necessary when she goes to the panel.

It’s not even funny how much time I’ve put into her feet. It occurred to me that I probably would have an easier time with them if I didn’t dislike feet. I can honestly say that I have never looked at someone and thought, “My goodness! They have nice feet!”

I’m rolling up on the halfway point, and I would like to have her ready for paint by that point. That would allow me to go into the second half focused on creating details and cohesion. I won’t stress it if things don’t go that way, though. I’ll keep moving forward and trusting the process. Slow progress is still progress.


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