Moving toward details

I’m marking the end of day 40, which actually feels a little strange. I’m 10 days from the halfway mark. On the one hand, it seems like day 100 is so far away, but, on the other, it’s right around the corner. The first 40 have both creeped and flown.

As I move closer to the halfway point, I have become more aware of the need to figure out where this is going. Abstract? Realism? Something in between? While I’m still listening to the Muse and following where she leads, I’m also moving toward details instead of just random mark-making.

Detail of a panel section

This is a close view of the detail that’s now on about a third of the panel. I wanted a grungy wood look, but I also wanted to keep it primarily a neutral gray.

Early drawing stage

And there’s this girl. You can see that I erase a lot. I wanted to get her drawn, get her proportions correct, and then add details without the mess on the panel. So I’m working on her on paper, and I’ll transfer her to the panel once she’s ready.

In all honesty, I’m still not entirely sure where this is going. I pray about it, then I paint while listening to a meditation soundtrack. I just zone out and roll with it.

For the last week or so, I’ve seen an image of this girl as I’m falling asleep. I’ve given up on trying to explain to God, the Universe, and the Muse that I don’t have the skill to do her justice. So I’m just rolling with this, too. It’s definitely an interesting way to approach a project!



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