Patience, patience, patience

Working on the 100 day project this week has definitely been an exercise in patience. Granted, it’s an exercise that keeps paying off, but I’ve never been accused of being overly patient. There were dozens of “why won’t you just work this way?!” moments. Fortunately, they were followed by “wait…that’s even better” moments.

I ran with the spray paint idea, and it turned out really well. Well, the spray paint and cheesecloth wasn’t so great, but the spray paint and lace that followed was pretty cool.

I attempted to apply paint to leaves with a sponge roller, then use a brayer to print on the panel. That was to be followed with leaving the leaves in place, dripping paint around the surface, then spreading it with the sponge roller. Works great on normal paper. Not so much on giant wood panels.

That led to the leaf stamp I made from craft foam. The stamp actually worked.

Detail of stamps and lace

The straight lines are the result of using corrugated cardboard as a stamp. That one actually worked out without problems.

More detail of stamps and lace

It’s interesting to see the lines from previous layers are still visible through all of the new additions. The green showing in this photo was some of the yellow from the dreamcatcher.

So, I’ve officially finished day 35. I have a fairly solid idea of where this is going, and it’s difficult to pace myself and keep moving a step at a time. Yet another exercise in patience. But the goal is to enjoy the process for 100 days, not to focus on a result and race to the finish.


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