Hitting the one-third mark

I’ve finished day 31 of my 100 day project, so I’m approximately one-third of the way through. I’ve started working with broad areas of color, rather than individual marks, to start making it less chaotic.

I decided to experiment with applying color through cheesecloth and lace fabric. I used a brush, a sponge roller, and a spray can. I’m not trying to get solid patches of color at this point, and I don’t want to completely cover the earlier layers. I’m just seeing how things turn out and deciding whether to use them again.

Day 31

The rose pink spray paint is definitely more noticeable than the yellow or the red, which were brushed and rolled. That may be something to consider as I work through the next few days.

Detail of lace texture

You can see where the lace acted as a stencil for the spray paint, creating the pattern over the previous layers.

Detail of cheesecloth texture

This one shows the marks from using the sponge roller to apply red and yellow through cheesecloth. I like how it mutes the earlier layers, pulling them together, when viewed like the larger image, but still doesn’t actually cover the marks. It makes me think of cross hatching for shading.

The next one-third of my project time seems like it’s moving toward turning the chaos into a cohesive background for the details that will come in the last one-third. I may be wrong. The flow may change completely, but that’s the direction it’s heading for now.


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