Layers upon layers

As I work on my 100 day project, I have started to realize how much the canvas reflects my world. Obviously, the abundance of layers is like everything in life, where there’s always something more beneath the surface.  But it’s more than just the layers.

In looking at it, I have noticed that the colors and marks give off that reflection, too. On days where my mind is all over the place or I’m feeling rushed, the lines and shapes are more chaotic and the colors contrast to the point that they’re jarring. On calm days, the lines flow and the colors are softer and more harmonious. When I’m tired or sad or contemplative, I lean toward cool colors. When I’m happy or energized, it’s warms all the way.

Day 27

After 27 days, there are a lot of marks and colors there! As I’m posting it here, I realize that it probably looks like a great deal of chaotic jumble to someone else, even though I can look at it and see each day’s contribution. Again, very much like my life sometimes.

As I’m nearing the one-third mark, I’m starting to visualize more of an actual direction for the piece. While I’m not set on an end product, I feel like the next third is going to be less random mark-making and more moving toward a destination.


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