Adding marks

At this point, I’m 22 days into my 100 day project. It’s strange how difficult it is some days to just go with the flow and not worry about a finished product. Other days, everything just seems to come naturally, with all of the little pieces fitting together.

Day 22

The dreamcatcher just seemed to fit into the whole theme, and it was followed by the vines and leaves. At some point, I realized the shapes and lines of the leaves mirrored the feathers, while the vines were similar to the strings the feathers are attached to. The marks in both are the same as marks added on previous days. The dreamcatcher even resembles the sun shining down on the growth rising up.

It’s interesting to watch things meld and merge. I keep thinking I’m going to walk in one day, look at it, and not be able to do anything with it. But I remind myself that it’s just a canvas and I can do anything I want, including painting it all black and starting over. That takes all of the pressure off and keeps it fun.


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