Out of focus

Because I have a tendency to overthink things, and think about everything all at once, I also have a tendency to lose focus. Worse than Shiny Object Syndrome, I chase after every loose thread and potential idea, technique, or subject.

I posted a week ago about dialing back my social media usage. That extra time led to reading, watching tutorial videos, and playing with paint. Of course, it also led to me getting distracted by everything I found in the reading and videos, which led to researching to learn more. Before I knew it,  a week had passed without even a glance at the blog.

At this point, I realize I need to refocus. While those tangents are fun learning experiences, I want to actually do things, not just chase ideas. Because they’re fun, though, I want to keep them in the schedule. But they’re going on the secondary list.

Meanwhile, I am now 17 days in to my 100 day project.

17 days down

I apologize for the table and books blocking the corner. It’s difficult to get this behemoth in a position to take photos. But you can still see the amount of layers and mark-making that are already on the panel.

Close up view

I love how so many layers are visible at the same time. Later in the project, I will start working on pushing things back, bringing other things forward, and creating a cohesive piece. All of these marks will end up adding texture and depth to the finished product. For now, though, the marks and layers are an important part of focusing on the process and enjoying the journey.




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