I don’t know how your social media looks right now, but mine is off the rails. Facebook, specifically, but I see it in other places, too. There are anti-Trump folks who post something approximately every two minutes, pro-Trump folks who post approximately every two minutes, and those folks who posted non-stop politics before the inauguration who now post every ten minutes about being tired of politics and that’s why they’re sharing only funny things.

It’s a bit overwhelming. For the second time this month, I’ve started to feel like my brain is cluttered. The creative lines are clogged by the multitude of emotions swirling around. It has reached a point where I don’t feel like trying to make anything happen because I’m stuck in that overthinking cycle.

So, today, I opted to start decluttering. Except for a morning check-in with my parents on Facebook, I avoided social media until after dinner. Even then, I kept it short and sweet. That’s going to be the routine for a while, I think. I need my brain to function elsewhere for a while.

I decided to try a Dean Nimmer exercise called “11 dots.” If you’re not familiar with him, he’s an abstract artist who teaches others how to create abstractly. He keeps things very simple. In this case, you make eleven dots at random, and then connect the dots. The way they’re connected and any colors are entirely up to you.

11 dots exercise

I did a few of these, filling them in with brush pens that I spread with a wet brush. I had a tendency to get super complicated every time. I assume that’s a reflection of me being so cluttered mentally at the moment.

I also created a few background pages using Inktense bars and a wet brush.

Background 1
Background 2

These seemed to all come out with a stormy look. I like them, though, and I’ll definitely use them.

The 100 day project is coming along. Sort of. It’s so large that it’s still residing in the workshop. The workshop doesn’t currently have heat, and the weather here has turned cold and snowy. So I’m journaling, making notes, trying different background techniques out on canvas panels. Nothing directly on the big panel, but it all goes toward the process in the end.


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