Changing things up

Creative activities aren’t all paint and attempts to be the next Picasso or Degas. They’re not all sonnets and novels and bestseller lists. Most of the time, they’re small, every day activities that get our right brains engaged.

While I have gotten a couple of more layers on the 100 day project, I haven’t had enough energy to work on that, the daily stuff, and any extra art of any kind. That doesn’t mean creativity has taken a back seat. It’s just taken a different form.

My son has to complete a biome box for his science class. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a full biome inside a shoe box. He chose a cave, which was approved. Today, his teacher informed him that nobody had done a cave biome before and his project will determine whether it’s an option in the future. Gee. No pressure or anything.

So I’ve been showing him how to do things, how to make things, and then letting him do the work.

Cave biome, with and without light

Being sick, I’m craving salt and chocolate. My children have my genes, so the sick one is craving the same thing. So I decided to throw together everyone’s favorite flavors and see what happened. Chocolate chip cookie on the bottom, then peanut butter, pretzels, caramel, and dark chocolate.

Layered cookie bar

These things are delicious, but one is plenty.

Yesterday, I drew a bunch of shapes with Inktense bars on wet paper. Today, I added a tree in transparent blue and added transparent yellow and red around it.

Tree and shapes

It’s a fun process, and one I plan to explore a little more. With more planning than what I used for this one, there’s potential for some interesting results.


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