When I was younger, I had this weird fascination with dance step diagrams. I would follow the diagram with my eyes, counting off the steps, and envision moving physically along the pattern. Sometimes, I would actually try out the steps while humming my own music.

Had my parents enrolled me in dance lessons, I probably wouldn’t have liked those diagrams anymore. I’m contrary that way. If I feel like I have to, like I’m being forced, then I refuse to enjoy any part of it.

Foxtrot (Mixed media abstract)

For this, I started with a collage, then added marks with charcoal and pencil. From there, I started adding acrylics, keeping it all neutral except for the pops of cerulean. It’s based on the step diagram for the foxtrot.

I’m not particularly comfortable with creating abstracts. I always feel like I do too much or too little. So I keep practicing, learning a little more each time.

Next time, maybe I’ll try dancing the steps while I paint them.


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