Is it Monday?

I think I’ve re-checked the calendar a dozen times today. It seems so much like a Monday that I can’t believe it’s Tuesday. Glue wouldn’t hold. Measuring three times didn’t keep me from cutting a board the wrong size. The list goes on.

I realize those things have nothing to do with the day, and it’s not nice to blame Monday. But it’s easier than saying I’m tired and not paying enough attention. I may have too many things taking up brain space at the moment.

Watercolor trees


I gave myself a break by keeping it simple again today. Simple and easy to do, but it also gives me time for more play with watercolors. It also lets me create without slipping into overthinking mode.

Idling with the watercolors is actually incredibly relaxing, sort of like active meditation. It’s nice to have another tool for getting out of my head and into the flow.


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