Catching up 

Sometimes, I get stuck in the world of have-to-do. Over the weekend, most things I wanted to do took a backseat to my son’s school projects and general stuff that couldn’t wait.

I managed to get some painting layers done, and a couple of small pieces. I didn’t manage to get Saturday’s up on the 30-in-30 site. And my brain couldn’t form sentences for a blog post, so that got skipped, too.

But, it’s a new day and I can pick things up without stressing over what I didn’t do.

Abstract angel

This abstract, kneeling angel was just sitting around in the lines from the paint layers. I kept everything light, bright, and transparent, which seems appropriate for celestial beings.

Mixed media portrait

She started out with layers of acrylic from cleaning my palette. Then charcoal and white acrylic. Then soft pastel. I’ve never mixed all of those before, so it was fun to play and see what happened.

Charcoal on paper

Charcoal is still a new thing for me. I’m not sure why I’ve never used it. This one was done with my non-dominant hand, with the emphasis being on conveying the image rather than making it perfect.

Playing around with the charcoal has actually been pretty fun. I’m going to be giving it a little more time and effort. I’d like to see what I can come up with.


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