More fun with texture

After yesterday’s fun with molding paste, I decided I needed to play with it more. It’s part of a group of art supplies that I bought because I saw fantastic things from other artists, but then I chickened out on using it because it wasn’t something familiar.

Most of the supplies in that category are mediums of some type. Fine pumice gel because an artist I really like uses it to make her own pastel substrates. Molding paste because someone had such amazing textural effects. Self-leveling gel. Iridescent medium. The list goes on.

Since I’m actively trying to get out of my comfort zone, it’s the perfect time to crack them open. Playing with them is the best way to figure out what I can do with them.

Abstract landscape

I randomly applied light molding paste and fine pumice gel. I didn’t worry about covering the entire canvas. So there are spots with both molding paste and pumice gel, spots with only one of them, and spots that are just canvas.

I took the same approach when I started adding paint. Transparent colors, sometimes more than one on the brush. When I noticed the landscape happening, I added some opaque umber and cobalt to add a little more emphasis to land and sky.

Honestly, I don’t do a lot of abstracts, but I always have fun with them. And I’m really enjoying the texture mediums. I’ll take that as a sign to start playing with some of the others!


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