Playing with texture

Part of the direction I want for this year is getting out of my comfort zone. Once upon a time, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a comfort zone. If it sounded fun and wouldn’t involve prison time, I was willing to try it. Somewhere along the way, though, I fell into a routine.

I mean, I fell all the way in.

Don’t get me wrong. Routine is great for adding structure and organization, and being a parent requires those things most of the time.

But routine, like anything else, can be taken to extremes. If you eat the exact same meals at the same time every single day, you’re either training for a bodybuilding competition or you’ve hit the extreme end of routine. It gets incredibly comfortable, and then it gets incredibly difficult to do anything else.

When you hit that point, it has a tendency to be suffocating. Creativity has a tough time thriving. Intuition gets lost because it’s not necessary. It’s mind-numbingly dull.

So I’m stepping out of that zone. A little at a time.

Playing with texture

I wanted to play around and see what happened. I pressed different materials into light molding paste to see what kind of texture they created. I rubbed over it with charcoal, painted with watery acrylics, dry brushed other colors over the first set. Basically, I just had fun with it and didn’t worry about what it looked like.

It reminds me of the view of the river at night. All of the buildings on the other side are just blurry shapes and lights, and the river reflects it back, with a little distortion from the current.

I like this technique. I think I’m going to try stamping and scratching totally random marks into the paste next.


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