Circling ’round…

I don’t know if everyone uses the phrase, but in this area people can “circle ’round” or they can be “circling ’round.”

Basically, circling around something means going around it to get to it, rather than just going straight in. You can circle around a point when speaking to avoid coming out

and saying it. When hunting, you can circle around your prey in order to sneak up from behind it. And circling back around means you missed it the first time and have to go back to point A and try again.

That’s kind of what I’m currently doing. I’m circling around the painting process, easing myself out of holiday mode. I’m also literally circling. Circles are my go-to shape right now, and I’m making a lot of them.

Circling ’round

Abstract with lots of circles. Today, it makes me happy. Tomorrow, it may end up being a background or a first layer.

Smashbook journal cover

My first ever smashbook journal cover ended up being a super sunny abstract landscape. Notice that there are circles here, too. I signed up for a free yearlong journaling group, and they use smashbooks. It’s a new thing for me. So far, I dig the whole thing.

My goal for tomorrow is to stop circling ’round the canvas and actually put some paint on it. Maybe finish one of the pieces I had going before the holidays. Baby stepping, sure. But baby steps add up, don’t they?


2 thoughts on “Circling ’round…

  1. I love this!!! I love the whole idea of circling round it. Its truly beautiful and I loved reading your post about it. I love what you are doing for this challenge. I hope that I can get myself to day 30. Your work is amazing, and I love your blog.

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