Taking it easy 

Normally at this point in the year, I have a massive to-do list. I’ve carefully considered my goals for the year, broken the big goals into bite-sized monthly pieces, and then set up what I need to do each week to hit the monthly portion.

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Keanu Reeves, Spirit Guide

It’s been a while since I stopped listening to my instincts, trusting my intuition. I’ll take an art workshop that involves tuning in, but I fall back out of touch with my inner voice as soon as the course ends.

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Patience, patience, patience

Working on the 100 day project this week has definitely been an exercise in patience. Granted, it’s an exercise that keeps paying off, but I’ve never been accused of being overly patient. There were dozens of “why won’t you just work this way?!” moments. Fortunately, they were followed by “wait…that’s even better” moments.

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